Marketing Meets Design

I love the concept of marketing; matching a certain segment of the market to your brand and targeting them with ads tailored to their interests. Not only was marketing my discipline in school, I also worked alongside my colleges in an American Marketing Association competition that was focused on creating a full marketing plan for a company before we graduated. I love researching segments, finding new ways to reach consumers, and creating a brand that works the best for a company.

My heart doesn’t only belong to marketing, however. While in school I interned as a graphic designer for Imagine Communications, a full service marketing firm. This quickly turned into part-time employment, then full time once i finished school. I’ve work on a variety of designs in varying complexity for marketing purposes. I love designing beautiful balanced marketing pieces. Whether I’m working on a full branding package, an email offer, or animating an informational video I will find the joy and excitement in it all. My brain loves a challenge.

So throw a problem my way. I will stop at nothing to figure it out, whether or not the question is based in marketing or design doesn’t matter to me.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Video Editing

Email Design